Cane Train Safety

Bundaberg Sugar has an extensive cane railway network comprising approximately 330 kms of track.  Around 15 cane trains operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the crushing season which usually extends from June through to November each year.

We place a great deal of importance on the safety of our employees and also the local communities in which we operate.

Public safety is important to us and our cane railway safety awareness campaign involves advertising in television, radio and print media. A "Kids Off Trains" program has also been adopted.

Some helpful hints are offered to protect you and your family:

  • Be aware during the cane crushing season - usually May to November each year
  • Look out for flashing lights positioned at level crossings on major roads
  • Become familiar with cane train crossings in your area, recognize the signs and be aware of crossings on less major roads that do not have flashing lights
  • Don't race a cane train
  • Educate your children to stay away from cane rail tracks and cane trains